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Abe's at the vet. He's an old guy, with a lot of swelling going on in his cheek, so much that they don't know exactly what the surgery's going to entail. They'll let me know in an hour or so.

People wonder how pet rats could really cost us many thousands of dollars over the last few years. This one procedure was estimated between $500 and $750. Anesthesia, X-rays (not normally necessary, but there's the possibility of a bad tooth, and pinpointing things in the skull is harder anyway), and the surgery itself... and it may all end up moot if it's something like cancer under all that abscess. He's the abscess king, though -- this is his fourth or fifth, sometimes for no apparent reason. That's a lot of surgeries, just on him; at least he doesn't have the chronic respiratory infections the others did.

The good news is that he's always been tough, and even with a little sneezing and snuffling today, his immune system is usually fantastic. I trust Dr. Adams' surgical skill (even if her bedside manner isn't as good as Dr. Garrow's), and I fully expect to get my rat back later today, with a hole in his jaw, pain meds, some antibiotics, and some ideas on how to give him soft food. If that's the case, he can probably heal it all completely in a week or less. Scary regenerative power.

I'm feeling okay, though I was a little confused by a crying jag coming home from the vet. It feels like an echo of the exposure from Saturday, as I seem to be emotionally calm now. It may have something to do with getting less than 6 hours of sleep, too.

Good luck, Abe.

Date: 2006-12-04 19:14 (UTC)
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I hope everything goes well.

I gave my rat cage away after losing the last one to cancer in less than a year. I just couldn't take the heartbreak anymore.

Date: 2006-12-04 19:30 (UTC)
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I don't mind the short lifespan so much -- it's when they linger in ill health, obviously suffering, that it gets to me. I've had hopes that that won't happen to Abe, as he's been so good at fighting off the respiratory stuff; if they go, I'd rather they go like Justin or Pete, who both passed away suddenly in their sleep. Watching Giles decline was pure torture.

I think I puzzled Dr. Garrow when I responded to her mention of cancer with, "If it's on his head, it should be quick." That's how I feel about it, though; I'd rather they go swiftly than suffer.


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