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The exposure lifted sometime yesterday afternoon. It may have helped that we went out to get a Christmas tree, and I got some exercise out in the very clean air of the cut-your-own lot. I was fine by last night, and I feel good today.

We got another spruce; not our first choice, but adequate. What was really encouraging was that we saw the next generation of trees planted in the bare spots where we were wandering through, and it looks like they've started a whole bunch of Monterey pines. The pitch canker scare made everybody cut back on Monterey pine as a Christmas tree, but that seems to have subsided (rightfully so; it's not worth panic in most cases) and we should be able to have a Monterey pine again in a few years. Yay!

Abe seems to have an abscess under his jaw. I discovered it last night when he demanded to be taken out of his cage -- sometimes you can't pry him out of his box, but he was quite insistent -- and he wouldn't settle down at all. I thought he might be in pain, and couldn't do anything for him, but as I was starting to doze it occurred to me that he might have been having trouble chewing. Hmm... I ran downstairs to grab a couple of raisins and some oat cereal, and he fell ravenously on the cereal. His usual food is like hardtack, very difficult if you have a sore jaw. So I gave him a bowl of Cheerios for today (he worked his way through a good number of those before going to sleep) and I'll leave a message on the vet's machine for tomorrow morning. I think he may have a bad tooth, but we'll see.

I changed Gwen's oil today (whew) and found that there was oil dripping from the pan, and the drain plug wasn't particularly tight. Well, that could be why I had to keep refilling the oil -- I prefer that explanation to one like, say, a bad gasket. The oil filter was none too tight either. My own fault, that, and corrected now. I should get a torque spec for the drain plug, since I'm so paranoid about overtightening.

Then I checked out a bunch of stuff, and I feel good about the state of my car... I need to buy a new air filter, but everything else is good, down to the spark plugs and the CV boots. I should eventually check the valve timing, but it looks like there may be a slightly leaky seal on the head anyway; if that gets to be annoying, I'll replace that and check the timing all in one go.

I did about two-thirds of the cartridge pleating on my Dickens skirt last night; hopefully I'll finish off the rest before Tuesday. It's looking good.


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