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I woke up around 10, after nine and a half hours of sleep punctuated by strange dreams. My pain level was back up again, not unbearable but definitely noticeable. I felt tired, but no longer sleepy.

I skipped a shower, got dressed, and came downstairs. My feet were sore but good enough to walk on, but my lower back was stiff and tender. I worked on the computer for about an hour before having breakfast.

After eating, I got the air compressor from the shop and knelt down in front of the kitchen sink to recharge the air in the filter tank (the pressure has been quite low). It was a couple of minutes of crouching forward on my knees, working with both hands. After that I took the compressor back out (it weighs about 15 pounds) and knelt down to turn the water back on and put everything back in order under the sink.

I'm sitting down again now, and I feel exhausted; I had a moment a few minutes ago where I felt almost dizzy with fatigue and my ears started ringing, but that mostly passed within a minute. Now I'm just tired and a little sleepy. I'm really sick of naps, but that may be where I'm headed again.

I stayed up, but spent most of my time in front of the computer; I put on some TV and did a bit of sewing on an existing project, one which had already been mostly pinned and just needed some mindless stitching. When I needed to leave for an appointment I felt very tired and out of it. I didn't feel like I was unsafe to drive, but I wasn't feeling fully alert during the 15-minute drive.

The flight of stairs to the second floor was difficult. I sat and talked for an hour, and found that I was too tired to sit up straight most of the time, and I repeatedly lost my train of thought. I drove home again and grabbed some leftovers, but I'm feeling pretty wiped out now.

I had dinner while watching TV, and I chatted with some friends afterward. I'm feeling discouraged about the fact that I don't feel like I have enough energy to leave the house to play Ingress, even on a small local scale, but I feel quite weak and exhausted, and I don't think it would be a good idea for me even to drive (especially at night). So I think I'll take the harp upstairs and play it in bed before I go to sleep... sometimes that's comforting.
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