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I got up with my alarm at 07:00. I hadn't slept as deeply as I sometimes do, and I feel a little tired, but not bad. My energy level is very good; I feel like doing things. My feet do not, however -- they barely allowed me to walk on them when I got out of bed, and there was much hissing and hobbling. I'll have to fix them before I leave, or I'll never hear the end of it. My lower back is quite functional, and has only minor aches when I use it, which I consider normal. My upper back is stuck again, but no longer feels like someone took a hammer to it.

All in all, this feels like a good day. I put dye in my hair first thing, I'm cooking breakfast, and when I turn off the heat on that I'll go upstairs and shower and dress. I hope it doesn't rain too much today -- if I can fix my feet, I'd like to get some walking in.

I drove about 30 minutes to the Berkeley Botanical Gardens, and walked down the flight of stairs and across the street to get to the gate. The conference room is about 500 feet down a moderate slope. Usually I carry a bookbag with about four textbooks in it, but I'd forgotten it today.

The clinic itself was three hours, about half sitting and half standing; I'm the secondary pathologist, and though traffic was light enough that the primary took most of the people who came in, I did handle several myself. There were a couple of difficult ones and a couple of easy ones, and I felt like I'd had a bit of a mental workout by the end. The most clients I've ever handled was close to 40, and I was half-blind with exhaustion afterward.

I walked up the path to the gate with a fellow clinic volunteer, and we climbed the stairs to the parking lot without real trouble. I had pain on the outside of both heels, despite wearing my comfortable workboots. I got into the car and headed down the hill into Berkeley proper.

When I started this morning I was full of energy, and even when I was headed back to the car I was looking forward to doing some walking for Ingress, but once I was sitting and driving I started to feel tired. I parked on a side street and dropped a note to someone I was supposed to meet, and then dozed for twenty minutes or so.

I met up with my teammate at about 13:30, after a 20-minute drive to a meet-up spot. We stood and talked for fifteen minutes or so. I drove home from there, which was 35 minutes; by then I felt quite hungry, and hoped that a little food might restore some of my energy.

I fixed leftovers when I got home, and made some fried bread to go with them. I'm still hungry after that, and trying to figure out what else to eat -- I need calories to make up for what I skipped while I was in pain the last few days, and to help with healing the damage, as I know from experience I don't heal well when I don't eat enough. I'm still kind of tired, too... I suppose even my system needs more than a scant day to recover. I'll try to take it easy.

Otherwise I feel good, though. I'll try to find something to round out and balance my lunch, and fix my feet again.

I spent some time in front of the computer, then I went out around 18:00 to play a little Ingress. It turns out that Saturday night is not a great time to try to drive around areas with restaurants, or even find parking to walk; I hunted around for a bit, then got out and walked around the mall for an hour. After that I drove home for a late dinner (20:00).

My mood has tanked -- that's not necessarily because of being beaten in game tonight, it's something else. I can recognize depression when it rolls in, and game is too trivial to trigger it. I'm trying to find something I want to do, and not succeeding, and I'm getting increasingly restless. I think I may have to go out driving to clear my head, despite the fact that it's raining cats and dogs.
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