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13:30I slept for nine hours, but not especially well; I got up at 11:30 after lying in bed for almost a half-hour, trying to manage the pain. I was partially successful, and it's now to the point where I can work around it. For a few minutes, however, I found myself wishing I could go back to sleep just to escape it.

I got up, put my contacts in, and got sketchily dressed... I decided I didn't want to attempt a shower yet, and that I would see how I felt after getting something to eat. My right knee is a little stiff, and I can feel the damaged muscles in my right calf from the cramp yesterday. My lower back is sore but functioning all right. My energy is quite low, though -- I'm not getting burning muscles or crushing exhaustion, but I'm low on cope, and lethargic. Part of that is probably due to the pain. I have a few errands I need to run, and finances, and stuff around the house, but I'll try to fit as much self-care as I can in around that.

So far I've had two bowls of cereal, caught up on stuff on the computer, and made a couple of calls to clients -- we finally got a break in the rain, and that means I can do some pruning jobs. I'm apprehensive about how much of that I can do, but we'll see.

I went out to run errands around 14:30, though I stopped first to take the tarp off the nectarine in the front yard; it took me about five minutes of walking around it, and I knelt briefly to untie one of the guy ropes. It's just starting to bloom, and the sunlight should help attract the bees.

I had definitely been depressed when I left, but getting out and doing something useful, driving, and listening to some music I like seems to have restored my mood to its usual cheerful state. It doesn't always work, but sometimes it does... I found that when my pain level rose a little, I smiled more, which seems to be an ingrained reflex now. It does help, and to be honest letting the pain and such stress me out just makes it worse, so the only reasonable thing to do is the opposite. Let it go, focus on what makes me happier, and smile a lot.

I stopped to deposit a check, which took five minutes, then proceeded onward. I was tired when I walked up to the door of Trader Joe's, but I did manage to do a thorough job, checking to make sure that I was getting everything I might need. I picked up a potted primulus, because it's colorful and I think the house needs some cheering up right now. The whole run took about fifteen minutes. I was feeling decent enough that I went on to hit Harvest House as well, and did a little browsing there; I spent about 20 minutes. Then I came home. I'm snacking on peanuts (I want to see whether I can digest them better than I used to) and contemplating some real food.

I'm still in a noticeable amount of pain, and I don't want to do much physically, but I'm mentally alert and in good spirits. We'll see what I can get done at my desk.

I puttered about for a while, had dinner around 8, and worked on a couple of in-game things. Around 22:30 I realized my pain level was rising, and I felt quite stiff. To get my mind off it and wind down, I decided to work a little bit on some javascript code I'm trying to get working.

That was a tactical error, apparently; I don't do programming easily, and I don't know JS much at all, so any time I try to debug anything more than a syntax error I have to hyperfocus... I drop in so thoroughly that the next thing I know it's five hours later, I'm starved and thirsty, It's 2am and I have to be somewhere at 10 the next morning. Oops. In addition to the pain now I'm quite stiff and I have a headache.

I'll have a little something to eat (I got some bananas at TJ's) and go to bed now.


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