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I got up at about 10:30, but I had been dozing for about an hour. I think hunger woke me up, but I'm not sure.

My feet were about the same as usual, painful but usable. My overall pain level was present but not intruding on my awareness much. I felt a little foggy, but ready to start on some projects which should be physically low-key, and thinking about self-care. I got dressed and came downstairs.

I was thinking about breakfast when an urgent request came through for game stuff, and I spent 45 minutes working on the computer to get it sorted. After that I made some breakfast and tea, and I've just finished eating. I'm still hungry, and I should make bread and go to the store for more rice milk.

I'm definitely tired, in a long-term worn-out kind of way. I can't relax, though, as I haven't secured what I need to be comfortable yet -- I need food ready to hand, I need to be warm, and I need to feel like there are no crises coming down the pike. I'll work on that so that I can get my anxiety down and conserve energy.

Next time somebody has a request like that they get to wait until I've had breakfast.

I've tried to keep things low-key. I made bread dough, then let the mixer deal with it while I got up every few minutes to feed more flour into it. While it was rising, I went to the grocery store for a couple of items -- I could feel that I was exhausted when I walked in, and when I had to go back to the car for bags and come back in, I felt almost like crying with fatigue. I got a few things and carried the bags back to the car -- fortunately there was very little wait. By the time I sat down in the car I was foggy and ready to fall over. I got back home by auto-pilot.

Once home I made myself about three bowls of cereal while sitting in front of the computer. Then I got up and shaped the bread and turned on the oven and sat down again. Twenty minutes later I put the bread in; I had a couple of other snacks, some potato chips and an apple and some goat cheese I wanted to try.

I snacked on some of the bread after it came out too. It turns out the goat cheese is fine for me, so maybe that will satisfy some of my protein needs and the desire for cheese. I had dinner directly afterward, and by the end of dinner -- watching TV -- I felt rather more clear-headed.

My feet are quite painful when I get up, but they seem to be functioning all right, and after a few cracks and crunches they settle down. My upper shoulders and neck aren't good -- my posture at the computer tends to be bad, in part because I lean on one elbow, and partly because my eyesight is variable enough that I lean forward to read small text sometimes. That makes me hunch.

I'm feeling so restless that despite my decision to rest today, I'll probably go out and play Ingress. I'll try to limit my time spent out of the car, though, and I'll head home if I feel myself getting too tired to drive well.

As usual, the game itself was stimulating enough that I wasn't tired. I left around 21:30 and drove for about 15 minutes, then visited a couple of locations where I had to get out and walk for a couple of hundred feet each. When I got carried away and wandered about two blocks away, I could feel my strength giving out by the time I had gotten back to the car. I tried to mostly stay in the car after that.

I drove out to Clayton to get more gear at midnight or so, and at the first stop I got out so that I could do a proper circuit of the portals I was getting my gear from. It was about 45 minutes of standing and walking slowly, then a somewhat brisker walk to catch up with someone else -- we stood and talked for ten minutes before I headed back at a good pace to where my car was. I could tell I needed to stick to the car again after that, and I sat in it for the next hour. My feet weren't bothering me, but I felt weary and kind of limp. I stood and walked around for ten minutes before leaving.

It was about 20 minutes to drive home again; I'm very glad that driving is so easy and even relaxing, as it allows me to get something of a second wind at the end of the day. I crunched some data on the computer and had a little bread with honey, and I'm about to head to bed now. I feel about the same as I did when I got up this morning... hopefully tomorrow I feel more rested.


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