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Torquill ([personal profile] torquill) wrote2017-03-09 10:58 am
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Daily Log

I woke up at 09:30 feeling rested. I didn't sleep as heavily as I sometimes do, but apparently it was good enough... my pain level was (and still is) quite low, making me feel like I've put down a heavy burden. My energy is good, though my thinking isn't as clear as I'd like. I'm a bit groggy even an hour and a half later. My feet are quite painful to walk on, and there's a knot between my shoulderblades, but everything else feels okay.

I skipped a shower and got dressed, and I've spent the morning doing cut-and-paste operations and catching up with my various communities. I'm about to go make myself some breakfast, though it may end up being cereal because I don't want to stand in the kitchen long enough to cook.

So much for my energy... a trip upstairs to pull the last orchid out of its water bath took it out of me, and getting some cereal finished me off. I'm ready for a nap. Unfortunately, I have a podiatry appointment today at 1, so I'm going to have to just take it easy and stay awake.