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This was the kind of day I keep wanting to have. I pretty much Did All The Things. My to-do list isn't comprehensive, but I:

- Fed myself three times (yay)
- Took all necessary meds
- Hard-boiled some eggs
- Took out the trash in the living room and bedroom
- Deposited a couple of checks
- Wrote a check for my Master Gardener dues
- Mailed it
- Sent out a reminder about the next MG workshop (on time!)
- Answered an email from East Bay Burners
- Called Social Security and spent an hour on hold
- Called Broadway Terrace Nursery to thank them
- Called UC Santa Cruz to update my alumnus info
- Watered the plants in the front yard
- Picked some nectarines (I need to clear the tree tomorrow)
- Dropped some at the horse-owner's house
- Got a bag of alfalfa pellets from the feed store
- Got a replacement bathroom light switch
- Cut a piece of gutter and put ends on it
- Set the maple pieces to soak in the gutter-tray
- Installed MS Office on my VM
- Installed Crescendo
- Installed SketchUp
- Filled out a LARP application
- Fixed up my bike
- Made a DIY phone mount for the bike
- Installed Pokemon Go and got it set up
- Went out on the bike for 15 minutes (oh my thighs)

I still want to do a few minutes of voice work, but I think I can rest for the remainder of the evening and feel virtuous.
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I'm wiped. It's been a busy weekend. Just today I:
  • Put away the baskets of clean laundry sitting in my bedroom
  • Put away the now-frozen meatballs for Thursday's dinner
  • Fed the cat
  • Did two loads of laundry (including a VERY heavy dress and a load of oxi-clean)
  • Traded an empty bin for one full of horse manure
  • Cut down at least a half-dozen good-sized branches to allow my winter garden a little light
  • Left the branches there (I'll get to them when I'm not so tired)
  • Continued with a test run of the paint and sealant I'm using to make ornaments this year
  • Thawed and cooked down two small batches of tomato sauce (one red, one yellow)
  • Processed the tomato sauces (five pints) and some chicken broth (two pints) in the pressure canner
  • Processed three quarts of clear tomato juice in the boiling-water canner
  • Washed all the pots and utensils (whew)
  • Cleared almost all the miscellaneous stuff off the dining-room table, including packing a few seeds

I'm ready to sit down for a while. I might make pie crust later (it's easy) but I think this has been enough for one weekend. I finally cleared the tomato sauce and chicken stock out of the chest freezer, which gives us breathing room for the holidays, and I gave myself a little breathing room by clearing away the laundry. Woo.

FWIW, I am so glad I found an enameled canner tall enough to handle quarts -- all of the canners sold at stores are barely tall enough to handle pints (they need an inch of water over them, which leaves maybe a half-inch of clearance to the rim). I found a tall narrow one that gives me a good two inches above the waterline needed for quarts, and it holds about four quarts comfortably. It doesn't even take oceans of water. Win!
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I did quite a bit today, and I'm sort of winding down before going to sleep. So here's my quiet yatta:

Busy, busy )

Still feeling quite good, and looking forward to tomorrow; I need to put plastic down against the rain, put up blankets against the frost/snow, and hone the scythe blade. I'm told the handles will unscrew, they're just reverse-threaded, so I'll set my dad loose on that. Once I remove the blade, of course. :)

Tom Baker wrote a nice eulogy for Nicholas Courtney.
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For a day where I expected to be fuzzy-brained and lethargic, I've been pretty darned active. I also feel awesome. Let's hope my little brush with ether-based cleaners on Sunday blows over painlessly... I've always known that one of the best things for me to do after an exposure like that is to exercise as vigorously as I can in fresh air until the detox wave hits, and I've certainly been doing that.

What I did today: )

My new toy )
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Over the last few days, I have:

Weeded the thoroughly overgrown front strip
Taken a nice long bike ride (and hike!)
Planned another big dinner
Done a great deal of food shopping (TJs has $1.99/lb natural-grown chicken!)
Cleared out some old spices
Put several new spices away in jars (they come in bags, sigh)
Dissected a chicken and done other food prep
Cooked some tasty daal
Paid bills
Brainstormed about how to embark on a job hunt
Made a flowchart and attendant task list

Not to mention "found my focus again". Evidently. Tomorrow I'll talk to the loan agencies about forbearance, cook, and possibly work on Greg's or my yard.

I took it easy on physical activity today, spending most of my time on the computers and in the kitchen. We'll see how I feel tomorrow, but my energy level is behaving well with minimal management. Thursday will involve some short periods of heavy physical work during the day, and cooking at night, but I feel up to it.
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I'm co-opting this from [ profile] ladythmpr, because there are days I'm amazed I managed to drag myself out of bed at all.

Had breakfast!
Fed the cat!
Dosed the cat!
Called the hotel!
Wrote to the owner of the gold bike!
Started laundry!
Ordered clothes online!
Paid my health center bill!
Finished two loads of laundry!
Designed contact cards!
Printed 40 cards!
Harvested the tomatoes and zukes! *whew*
Printed out stuff for school!


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