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I think I've figured it out: the difference between Hillary Clinton supporters and Bernie Sanders supporters. It's not a question of feminism, or Millennials, or any specific political affiliation.

It's the difference between those who believe that our current political landscape is capable of carrying us into a bright future, and those who do not.

I'm not going to bash either camp, but there really is a difference here. )
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Just so we don't lose sight of the real issues here:

tl,dr: The ACA has allowed me to stop worrying about healthcare and run my small business. Yay! )
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I just had an interesting cycle of events.

Inspiration, action, consequence, disillusionment )

A tidbit of less personal, but positive, news: A virus-resistant (transgenic) strain of cassava has been developed just in time to save that staple crop from what the BBC reported as an epidemic of Cassava Brown-Streak Disease sweeping across Africa. This is similar to making papayas resistant to Papaya Ringspot Virus in the mid-1990s. (Did you know that the vast majority of papayas grown in Hawaii are transgenic? Now you do.) It could save millions of Africans from famine, and the researchers want to pass on the technology to labs in Africa. Hopefully, by making the transformation process more transparent and accessible, they will avoid what happened with the GMO papaya strain. That was a bright spot in my day.
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According to Mac Nachlas of Baltimore.

TANSTAAFL, folks. It applies far more to the people who want more perks and no taxes than it does to the people on public assistance.
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Apparently, somehow, I missed this. I would expect it to be plastered across my Friends List, but it's lily that threw me the link. From Americablog, yet, that bastion of reasoned legal analysis.

Obama defends DOMA in excruciating, and sickening, detail.

What's more, his spokesman tries to spin it as "Oh, he still supports gay rights, he just can't deal with it himself; he needs Congress to do it." BZZZZZT.

I've pulled for Obama. I voted for him, cheered him on as a savvy, intelligent, reasonable statesman who seems to know what he's doing. He was oddly silent on the Defense of Marriage Act Don't Ask Don't Tell, but it could have been because he hadn't put it on the front burner yet (I'm not saying that's a good reason, but it's not an active betrayal). But this? This disgusts me.

Hell, I'm as straight as they come and I'm ready to go marching now. I can't be arrested for health reasons, but goddamn, I'd be cheering on the ones who could. Nonviolence, god I hope it prevails, but even Gandhi knew there was a time to throw sand in the gears and bring it all to a screeching halt.

I should make some calls. I don't think any force on this earth can change Feinstein's mind, but I should at least check in with Miller and Boxer. And figure out how to calm down a little before giving the White House a piece of my mind.


Edit: Email sent to all my legislators. The email I sent to the President is under the cut )

Oh, and Towleroad is reporting that HRC has finally spoken, joining with NGLTF, the ACLU, etc. to request that Obama repeal DOMA. Better late than never, HRC.
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I'm unfamiliar with this guy, but I have to admit, this is the best, snarkiest synopsis of what's going on with Prop 8 that I've seen so far.

His "spontaneous generation" theory of AIDS wins the Internets.
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I hear that the overwhelming majority of the celebrations last night were not vindictive, not "we've vanquished the enemy", but rather jubilant, hopeful, and relieved. The long night is almost over. Obama swore to the people who didn't vote for him that "I'll be your president too." The crowds were exuberant but peaceful.

I can't even imagine the same sentiments holding for the conservatives if they had won last night. Reaching out to the other side just doesn't seem important to them. Witness the booing when McCain congratulated Obama for his win.

Dawn is coming to America.

As for prop 8, the country is obviously still lost in the dark. The time will come.
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Several other people have discussed various state propositions already... I thought I'd put forth my own thoughts as I try to figure out how to vote.

Proposition 2: The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act )

I don't have a lot of conviction on this one -- it's not an issue close to my heart -- but I haven't heard anything that convinces me this is a Really Bad Idea, and the arguments for it sound reasonable. If I do vote on this one, and I may not, I'm likely to vote yes.
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The GOP primary snafu )
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I'm still torn about the vote tomorrow... Democrat-ticket musings )
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State cuts off Delta pumps

This whole situation pisses me off to no end.

The most recent victims in the water wars are the fish. )
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This is the middle of Day Three lost to chemical exposure and exhaustion. And people wonder why I don't carry a full class load.

I'm a little shaky, so I've been sitting at the computer most of the morning. I'm not sure that reading the idiocy from GArrow and Sun-King in the political discussion on lily is helping much, though; to an extent, I agree with rm -rf * that the place has turned into Fox News Lite. Between the rampant White House talking points and Sun-King's utter obsession with the super-early primary races, it's probably more stress than it's worth. Somehow I never get around to quitting the discussion, though.

Both sides of the spectrum complain that it's only when their side tries to call out inaccuracies that the media objects. I'll have to take the right-wingers word for that, as I've mostly been seeing the political cartoons and pundits labeling the congressional investigations and criminal prosecutions going on as (literally) Democrat-driven witchhunts; I see little to suggest there's a converse to that. I do suspect that, like so many things in ideology these days, it involves different definitions of common words, like "object", "partisan", and so on, and their expectations of media and government behavior. More than ever, I want an objective metric for semantics, so that we can figure out not only the objective:subjective ratio of any given statement, but whether the reaction by the media at large is really for, neutral, or against. It seems like each side sees it far too differently to ever agree without a common measuring stick.

Whether they would agree to a common measuring stick is, of course, another issue entirely...
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I'm getting pretty sick of the escalation off Iran's coast. I've called Nancy Pelosi's office -- (415) 556-4862 -- and left a message that in light of the events out there, I hope she'll reconsider her position on impeachment proceedings. I may also spend some of the day writing letters to Pelosi and George Miller.

This has gone on long enough. It's quite clear that we can't just wait out the last years of this administration; we need to either get them out of there or wrap them up so tight in red tape that they can't do any further damage.
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This has been "Blog for Choice" day or some such. [ profile] elynne talked briefly about why she's pro-choice, as in "pro-reproductive choice". I commented on my reasons, and figured I should put them up here as well.

I'm pro-choice because I believe that sex is not sinful, and pregnancy should not be a punishment.

The only reason I can figure for denial/non-coverage of simple contraceptives is in a misguided effort to create "consequences" which punish innocent (including newborn) bystanders, as a result of a perfectly natural and healthy activity.

Say what you want about the moral position of abortion itself. I'm pro-contraceptive, and that makes me pro-choice by definition.
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I don't know who it was that first told me that Chipotle is a subsidiary of McDonalds Corp. It was a while ago. It hasn't stopped me from going there; it's still quick, tasty, healthy, and cheap. Their policy with regards to meat means that I can order any type of meat on the menu and not feel sick for most of a day afterward... I relish the fact that I can get a shredded pork taco without getting smacked by my allergy to antibiotic residues.

In fact, most of the policies I'm aware of there are ones I approve of. Recycling being one -- their paper products are largely post-consumer waste, and they do try to cut down on packaging. They don't buy local, but they do buy sustainably, at least more than almost any other chain I've been at. Not bad from a political point of view.

I know that some of the people at the co-ops, who are even more rabidly anti-corporate than I am, would frown on the fact that I'm giving McDonalds money. I've made a conscious decision not to ignore that fact -- rather, I deliberately give my money to Chipotle. If McDonalds is going to try branching out into the healthy, sustainable, free-range branch of food service, I want to send them the message that people want this stuff. We want healthy, ecological food that tastes good. If Chipotle does well, it serves as notice that there is a demand for this, and maybe McDonalds will consider changing its practices elsewhere as well. Pressure from consumers was what already caused them to give notice to Tyson that they want less antibiotic use in chicken farms, and Tyson agreed to put that into motion.

It's not many corporations that try to branch out into different philosophies, rather than just different areas of the marketplace. Chipotle is a good example of why more of them may want to do that. You get a much better sense of what people actually like and want, rather than what they will settle for.
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I've seen lots of people comment on the ~30% of all of these elections that seems to be made up of insane voters. Like the ones who voted for Katherine Harris, or the ones where you just can't manage to justify it as "straight party line" because it was a proposition, or there were no party affiliations.

All I can think of is Rogers' great post, another "lunch discussion with Tyrone", entitled The Crazification Factor. It was a great example of the phenomenon. And damn funny.
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I don't see quite what people are hollering about on this Supreme Court ruling, which states that law enforcement does not have to knock (i.e. announce its presence) before entering a building, so long as they have a valid search warrant.

Read more... )
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A great reply to those pushing the anti-gay marriage amendments:

On Wednesday, March 1st, 2006, in Annapolis at a hearing on the proposed Constitutional Amendment to prohibit gay marriage, Jamie Raskin, professor of law at AU, was requested to testify.

At the end of his testimony, Republican Senator Nancy Jacobs said: "Mr. Raskin, my Bible says marriage is only between a man and a woman. What do you have to say about that?"

Raskin replied: "Senator, when you took your oath of office, you placed your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. You did not place your hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible."

The room erupted into applause.


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