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It's interesting how the last year and a half has brought articles and posts that finally put a finger on why certain items from the collective geek cultural background always gave me an uneasy feeling. Today it was an explanation of why a bunch of 80s movies (including "Revenge of the Nerds") had an undercurrent that kept them from being really fun for me, especially when I watched them a few years later. ("Weird Science" is another.) And this same writer explained why I never liked Big Bang Theory, even though several of my acquaintances adored it.

I've always been a little too empathetic, and a little too far outside the mainstream, to feel comfortable watching hearts being broken and won in the typical dromedy formula. I wasn't sure I wanted to be a "prize" to be won, particularly by the trickery and callous disregard it seemed to require. I realize that the theme rang all kinds of bells for the male geeks, but I was a geek girl before female geeks were ever recognized in mass media, and it felt all wrong to me.

At least I'm finally starting to understand why. Maybe our culture is beginning to grow up a little.

Your Princess Is In Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds

Why Men Don't See The Harassment Women Experience
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My mom and I were discussing something that I had been mulling over since I woke up.

WWII, the space race, computers, geeks, and how does acting come into this, anyway? )
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When I ran across the article in the Seattle PI about the atheist display that was put up near the Nativity scene in the Washington State Capitol building, I posted it to lily's -culturewar discussion. I was a bit surprised when one of the more moderate (and less religious) people there started bitching about how it was offensive, and I must have a bias toward the atheists if I didn't think so. I insisted that there was no bias, I simply felt that all groups have a right to state their beliefs, so long as they do not target a group or individuals in the process.

The disagreement stemmed from the wording on the placard: "There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds." I said that was a general statement about religion, not targeting any group in particular. He said it was offensive to anyone who believed in a religion.

I finally narrowed it down to his view that when someone makes a generalized, strong, negative statement about something, he feels that implies a criticism of the people who hold a different view. Thus, saying "religion is bad" means you are stating that anyone who believes in religion, any religion, is stupid or evil. I handed him the statement from the poll: "Cars are dangerous and destroy the environment", and he replied, "that to me would imply I was either dumb, uncaring, or evil to own a car."

I thought he was being too sensitive, and said as much. I was curious, however, whether I was being insufficiently so, and put up the poll. It seems most of you feel he was being too sensitive about reading between the lines, at least on the metaphorical statement. That's good to know.
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I had a heated discussion with someone on lily today, and I thought it might be interesting to see what other people think about our point of contention. I'm not asking for treatises on the benefits/drawbacks of motor vehicles; take this as the metaphor it is.

[Poll #1310855]

(Note: in the first option of the first question, that is a reflection, negative or positive, on you.)

I'll explain this in a future post.
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I don't see quite what people are hollering about on this Supreme Court ruling, which states that law enforcement does not have to knock (i.e. announce its presence) before entering a building, so long as they have a valid search warrant.

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I was waiting for a pie to cool down enough to carry it to the car today, so I was poking around a little on the 'net. And I read another article which unearthed a thought I've had many times... no matter how many times I mull it over, I still don't have any answers.

Cut because it isn't everyone's cup of tea )
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For those unfamiliar with the topic at hand, [ profile] emmett_the_sane posted a poll, regarding when it is morally acceptable to practice gender discrimination. I tried to take the poll, then started qualifying my answers, and finally gave up and started writing my views on each case. The result was far too long to post as a comment... but that's what I have my own LJ for. Read more... )
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Well. I'm feeling better both physically and emotionally, and I'm ready to start on another year.

My calendar is odd. I'll walk you through it... )

So I am now standing at the birth of another year, looking at the tiny pinpricks of the personal seeds I have sown, and ready to leave the dead year behind and concentrate on new life and new possibilities.

I don't make formal resolutions, at least not at New Year's -- I've never seen the point of waiting until a certain date to implement a change, particularly some of the radical ones that people seem to set their hopes on. My changes for the year are mild, mainly to do more personal reflection and mental housecleaning. I also need to shovel out my current dwelling, which is more part of a "to do" list than a resolution. And I need to get employment more than ever, which is more hope and a continuation of effort than anything else.

Here's hoping this year is better than the last.
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What are the distinctions between affection, love, and lust?

This is not a rhetorical question... If you think you have some insights, please share. What are the differences? Is it a matter of degree, a matter of focus, what? Where do the sparks come in, and what happens when they settle down?

How can you tell the difference between fondness for an old friend and the calm warmth of a settled relationship? Between infatuation, lust, and new love? Is it possible to, from the inside or even from the outside?


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