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I'm going to start keeping a diary here, to help document my health for people who want to know (personally or professionally) what my daily life is like. The subject line will always be "Daily log", and I'll cut-tag all entries.
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That's what I get for not checking deadlines; I thought my LJ account payment was due in October these days (because of some downtime credits I got last year). I just got the auto-payment confirmation today that says I'm paid up for another year. I didn't *want* another year. $20 down the drain. Bargle.

I guess, on the bright side, I now have all the time in the world to navigate my extra icons and stuff over to Dreamwidth... so long as I don't mind paying double.
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What does one say in a first post?

I have no idea whether I'm ahead or behind the curve, but I have a shiny Dreamwidth account now. If you're from LJ, I'm luna_torquill there. So yes, this is me.

Enjoy the scenery!
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Back from the Burn... we survived (it feels like by the skin of our teeth, as this was The Year Of Equipment Failures) and had a good time, for the most part.

We saved $60 on gas this trip, thanks largely to those of you who switched to using our Safeway card at the grocery store. Thank you all!

I'm only at skip=120 on my friends list, so as long as you don't all get insanely chatty in the meantime, I expect to be caught up within a couple of days. If there's something you want to make sure I don't miss, you might post a link or reference as a comment here.

I hope everyone's doing well! :)
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Things have been pretty good. Still trying to adjust to all the shifting going on in my life. Still crazy madly in love. Still coping with frequent periods of depression. Life continues to be on an upswing for me, on the whole.

We're to the point of redoing the ceiling in the old master bedroom; after that we can primer and paint, and it's down to my dad rebuilding the windows (dry rot is not good.) Then I can move in, and we get to start working over the room I'm currently in.

The living room was shoveled out today to a large extent; furniture may be moved next weekend, at which point (I hope) it will be a sufficiently different space that I'll feel more comfortable in it. Just having a large open area, which has now been swept and tidied, is a great help.

I got to go across the new Benicia bridge last night. My first reaction: oh, baby. Two full-speed Fastrack lanes. Five open lanes on the bridge itself. Very nice connectors all around. So sexy. :)

I'm caught up on reading LJ, but I haven't had a lot of time (or coherence) to post lately. As a note, however, to those whose journal styles include a "calendar" feature: my current style (one of the style-contest winners), while handling permissions on the lj-tags list to the left just fine, does not handle permissions correctly on the calendar. While one can't read such things as private entries by clicking on links in the calendar ("no entry on this day"), it still provides an active link on days which have a filtered or private post. It allows people to see that what days you've posted, even if they can't read any of the locked entries. I may look into eliminating the calendar from my style, for that and a couple of other reasons. You may want to double-check this if you have the same feature on yours.
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While I like the new look of my journal... I'm too much of a geek to be comfortable with such a minimal set of controls. I'm not sure I have the time and energy to renew my knowledge of S2, but I'm thinking about it, just so that I can pull a lot more options out to the console. I at least want to screw more with the stylesheet, in an effort to get more s p a c e in there.

Having the usericons/names on the right is going to take a little getting used to, as well. :)
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Am I the only one irritated by the little LJ-Talk popups that appear whenever the mouse pointer crosses an LJ handle?
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I'm at skip=80 right now, and won't have a lot of time to catch up. Don't expect me to have read any posts in the last week.
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The grind tag is for stuff that is not directly class-related (that's the school tag), yet has to do with Davis and the day-to-day activities up there. The rest of my life still ends up in life.

I've also added lunch, because exploring the food options near campus seems to generate some chatter all its own. I'll cut-tag those.

My posting volume has gone up, since there's a lot going on in my life right now and LJ is the only way I have to satisfy my "must tell somebody!" urge. (Normally lily would fill that niche, but ssh from some of those terminals is tricky, and I don't want to do an http version with a ten-minute time limit.) It's quick, it's easy, and half of what I'm posting is fluff. I'll try to cut-tag it when it's more than a couple of lines, and you can take the "grind" tag as a sign that it's probably content-free. :)


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