Mar. 5th, 2015 22:12
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To combat the "but I haven't done anything today" grumble, a list.

Today I:
  • watered the last orchid for the week

  • installed digital microscope software on the Master Gardener laptop

  • got the microscope, the projector, and the laptop to work together

  • handled a walk-in client for the help desk (no definite answer, but whatcha want from a free service, buddy?)

  • started writing up instructions for the microscope

  • fixed myself food, repeatedly

  • switched my mom's and dad's computers over to the new internet line

  • did troubleshooting on why my dad's was slow (answer: some tab in his browser was eating bandwidth)

  • took a nap

  • did two loads of laundry

  • hand-washed a portion of Wellie's electric blanket

  • sent out invoices

  • cut out a muslin vest pattern, and pinned the pieces for testing

  • sowed tomatoes, basil, and flowers

  • watched Agents of SHIELD (very important item)

  • called a client

  • measured the size the roof on the lumber shed needs to be cut to

  • pulled the Seville orange juice out of the freezer and repacked it

  • washed the nine custard cups the juice had been in

  • ate all the things.

I didn't manage to do paid work today, but the day certainly wasn't wasted.
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Today I:
- Bought a new car key, which is mostly significant because it takes a trip to the dealer and $50
- Mowed all the verges (the electric mower is really a champ)
- Tuned the chainsaw, with help
- Took down two large limbs and a small tree with the chainsaw
- Piled the branches (not trivial)
- Did the final planing on all the boards for my window seat
- Cleared away the planer shavings (not trivial)
- Calibrated the new biscuit joiner
- Watched the season finale of Agent Carter
- Mounted a 45' rope light around the ceiling of my room, with Greg's help

I have now had my bedtime snack, and I'm ready to call it a day.

Today was brought to you by Husqvarna, Viking Ladders, DeWalt, Bosch, Black&Decker, Chicago Tools, and Honda.
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Today, I:

- Thoroughly swept the hot tub deck, front porch, and the stepping stones between (the crevasses between the bricks of the front porch makes this non-trivial);
- Filled in the hole on the other side of the hot tub deck, where the irrigation bypass valve was put in ten years ago and never reburied;
- Put a bunch of stuff that had been on the front porch (roughly) where it needs to go;
- Dragged the massively heavy old spa cover to where it can be put into the pickup for the next dump run;
- Dug the potatoes (four gallons worth) and put them into cool storage for a while;
- Tied up a line of particularly feisty tomato plants;
- Pulled the old bean plants;
- Picked a bunch of tomatoes, squash, and beans;
- Brought home a cubic yard of compost with the truck;
- Went out to fill one of our portable gasoline tanks;
- Fired up the rototiller for the first time in four years (thank you for not being difficult, sir)
- Rototilled half the back lawn;
- Raked the area, then covered it with compost;
- Raked it again, seeded it, then raked lightly yet again;
- Rescued two very alert alligator lizards from A.J.

I got everything done I had set out to do this morning... I still have to fill a garden bed and build another (small) one, but that can be Monday. I should also run out there while it's still light and sow some new bean seeds.

Edit: Bean seeds sown, where the blue spuds were. There were a lot of woodlice from the leaf mulch I had put around the potatoes; hopefully they won't eat all the new bean plants. Next set of beans goes in when I pull the onions in a couple of weeks.

Intensive gardening (in far fewer beds than I want) is challenging, but it seems to be working out.
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Small Projects Day. This is when I try to take care of a bunch of the little fiddly things; half of them are small sewing projects to improve or mend my stuff.

I'm trying to keep myself from doing anything physically strenuous, as I crashed very hard last night (worst CFS crash in years). The good news is that it feels like if I take it easy today, I should be fine tomorrow.


One item is to finish washing and laying out the bay leaves I picked yesterday (there's a Lauris nobilis growing wild beside the canal trail about a block from here). I think I got enough leaves to last two households for a couple of years... they're very potent when dried at room temperature.


Accomplished: I installed ankle ties in a set of mock-BDUs I got from Jackal Emeritus. While I was at it, I let out the side seams in a few places. While they are still hot-pants, they are no longer I-fear-to-sit-down pants. Improvement. :)


More accomplishments:

I put pockets on the awesome pencil case, so I can now carry my blending sticks, erasers, and extra xacto blades in it. I now pronounce it perfect.

I used a Pringles can (I ate the chip-like objects with dinner) to create a case for the brush set I bought today -- I know I'll need some nice brushes to paint designs on the harps, so I bought a mid-grade Taklon set. Very nice (at least for a non-painter). I needed some way to store them safely, however, and I couldn't find a generic box to keep them upright and dust-free, so... Pringles can. Woo.

I also watched way more Warehouse 13 than is really healthy. I can guess what sort of dreams I'll be having tonight.

Tomorrow the sewing machine goes to the shop, as it's starting to sound like an old treadle machine and it's lost the reverse gear. I'm sure it just needs a bit of TLC.
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For this week: )
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I wish I were sleeping better, but otherwise things have been pretty much status quo.

Things I'm currently juggling: )
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I took my final today. This means that I don't have classes until September 27th. It's an odd feeling.

Of course you know what this means...

Eight-week list bonanza! )
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I'm not expecting to get everything done this weekend, because there's lots to do. )
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To do after the start of break:

Plenty of stuff )
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Still plugging along... )

I got my phone bill today. It pissed me off sufficiently that I will be getting a new phone/contract before December, and allowing this phone to rot on a shelf until I can transfer my number over. Continuing with this arrangement is totally unacceptable.
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Forget Johnny -- I'm the one who has a new master.

It's Monday, that means I really need the homework list. )
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Been a while since I've done one of these. I haven't been doing too well in the "get stuff done before school starts" game, and I want to change that. Therefore...

Let the scramble begin )
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Today I:

Did my two homework problems for English
Read another chapter of the book
Replaced my taillight (finally, no more little red dashboard light!)
Typed up my English homework
Made lasagne
Found the USB/parallel port adapter
Hooked up the old HP printer to my laptop
Figured out how to configure printing in linux
Printed a test page, successfully (yay!)
Changed the ink cartridge, then printed my homework
Printed out a letter my mom needed from me
Put up the futon
Sorted the contents of a filing box and sent the necessary stuff to be shredded
Moved the little auxiliary table out from behind the futon
Set up the printer on the table

Successfully avoided doing any gardening, to give my hands and forearms a rest... that's harder than you might think, even though I'm to the point that I'm having trouble gripping things. The front strip is looking fantastic, but I'm itching to remove some of the stumps.

I'm still hacking up a lung, and the dust didn't help, but at least I now have a permanent printing station for my laptop. I haven't had that since college. Yay printing capability! Setup was almost painless, nowhere near the protracted battle I was expecting; there is something to be said for using HP printers under linux.

And the Concord library seems to be acceptable for weekend-afternoon studying; it's even open on Sunday, and has plenty of tables. Not a lot of people there, either.
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I'm sure I already am listed. Somewhere.

I have a weekend list... )


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