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This was too good not to put somewhere I can find it later. It really does look like something by Caravaggio.
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Important Life Lessons That I Learned From Raul Julia's Portrayal Of Gomez Addams

Important Life Lessons That I Learned From Raul Julia's Portrayal Of Gomez Addams:
1. Show the same affection to your spouse upon each meeting that you would had you been separated for years
2. Boundless enthusiasm for life is best expressed through sincere mustache growing
3. Treat every encounter as an adventure
4. Assume the best in everyone, even when proven wrong (especially when proven wrong)
5. Hobbies give you a measure of control when you find it slipping away in real life
6. Nurture the passions of your loved ones, even when those passions are weird
7. The books you keep on your shelves have the meaning to which you ascribe them
8. History is horrible, and easier to love for it
9. Your home is a reflection of your personality
10. Every social interaction can be made more memorable through the introduction of swordplay
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This morning, while waking up, I entertained myself by devising responses to scam and telemarketing calls.

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Hope over reality in the mid to late 1800s.

The concept that if you plowed and developed the land, rain would follow, was actually enshrined in mainstream and intellectual thought between 1865 and 1875. Just before the Dustbowl came on. Go figure.

My favorite part, after the drought came and people stopped believing plowing alone would bring rain: "Yet in the 1890s, agricultural pseudoscience simply took on another form. The idea came around that explosives could be used to generate the vibrations required for rainfall. Folks seemed to realize that while not nearly as nutritious, dynamite sure was a much more entertaining way to produce rain than breaking your back growing a bunch of crops."

Or, y'know, maybe desperate people went a little nuts.
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I had not been aware that one could do a spit-take on a cigarette.
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Guess what I found?

Now we can all read Alan Keyes' admission that he is made entirely out of beef!

Maybe Google's index of Usenet isn't such a bad thing after all...
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They look tasty -- but I'd spend WAY too much time trying to ensure color-correctness...
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If, upon reading the phrase " looked like i shot a vulcan in there", the first word-mapping I did was "vulcan cannon", does that make me more or less of a geek?
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This skit is as old as I am... but it never goes out of style. Sadly.

(AT&T, I'm looking at you. Comcast, you modern upstart, you too.)
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From ThinkGeek:
"Recently we got the best-ever cease and desist letter. We're no stranger to the genre, so what could possibly make this one stand out from the rest?"

My favorite part was the description of the phone call.
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Never let it be said that Queen Elizabeth II doesn't have a sense of humor.

(Also: Good for you, Sir Patrick Stewart! Now you can thumb your nose back at your good friend Sir Ian McKellen.)
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I just upped my plant bio geek credentials.

I don't expect anyone here to buy these, but perhaps I can peddle them to the other plant path folk... The joke is just a little too odd for anyone else, sadly. :)
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I keep thinking of one of Derek's stories about grad school, specifically talking about deadly seminars. It is so perfect I can't keep a straight face.
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If you haven't already seen this comic, you'll love it.

So. wrong.
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Friend Computer,

I'm ready for you to break out my next clone now. Battling the pinko commie mutant traitors has left this clone kind of rickety. A fresh one would be great.

Your loyal citizen,

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Thanks to lily, I was introduced to this little gem:

The Solution to the Big Dinosaur Paradox

Putting aside for a moment the fact that I was unaware of the presence of a Big Dinosaur Paradox, this site is wonderful. It seeks to use logical deduction and scientific evidence (no, real physics formulas and numbers) to find answers to the great puzzles of life, or at least what this author thinks are the great puzzles. It discards some of the weirder theories out in creationist-land because they don't hold up scientifically. And finally, at the end, the stream of logic and scientific thought comes to an irrefutable conclusion. (No, I won't tell you what it is. Though you might want to look up which materials have a density of 670 kg/m3.)

It is, without a doubt, one of the most entertaining sites I've seen in a while.
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I wonder about the design process that created the A-10 [fighter jet]. "Give me a gun. Bigger. No, bigger. I SAID 'BIGGER' DAMN YOU. Okay, put some wings on it. Fine, we're done. What's that? It's ugly? You know what else is ugly? YOUR MOM."
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I has a sweet potato!

(Text-only, SFW other than an occasional F-bomb, uses real English, features a Dog. Totally awesome.)


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