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Scientists Edge Closer To Elusive Lab Test For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

(Spoiler: it's cytokines, over a dozen of them.)

My reaction )
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I'm going through a rough patch. I know that, but that doesn't make it any less rough.

Taking some weight off )
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I'm going to start keeping a diary here, to help document my health for people who want to know (personally or professionally) what my daily life is like. The subject line will always be "Daily log", and I'll cut-tag all entries.
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I haven't posted for quite some time, mostly because I'm not really sure where to start.

The abbreviated rundown )
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I decided that I was going to get on the bike today if at all possible.

Adventures and gaming )
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This is probably going to get reposted to Tumblr, because it's personal-political.

A Chronic Fatigue/ME rally as a watershed moment )
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Okay, a general health update.

Mostly good )
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How is it that simply calling the Social Security Administration to make an appointment is enough to make me feel like crap?

Don't answer that. I know the reason... I still haven't expunged the creeping feeling that by applying for permanent disability I'm giving up and admitting failure. It doesn't matter that asking me to work a 40-hour week is equivalent to asking a paraplegic to dance a waltz -- the conditioning I've had my whole life, around work ethics and capabilities and what makes a person worthwhile, is all acting like a horrible swamp full of trash that sucks at my self esteem.

I deserve to be able to live without trading my health for money. The fact that I'm reliant on others is not through any fault of mine, and I shouldn't be ashamed of it. Most people don't have a full-time job of just keeping their bodies going.

I'll keep saying these things to myself, and maybe I won't be a complete wreck by the time my appointment comes around. If I am, well, my therapy appointment is that afternoon. We'll see on August 2.
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health update )
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Tomorrow marks four weeks since my shot, and I'm still in the thick of it.

Fun with hormone dysregulation )
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On a related note, I have a few thoughts on how all my health stuff seems to tie together.

Tracing things through the black box that is cytochrome P450 )
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I think I'm on the other side of my recent health downturn.

Details )
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I'm living in the wrong era, clearly.

We know just enough about the health issues I have to know that we don't know enough. At least the providers I see don't think I'm delusional, but they don't even have any way to quantify what's wrong, let alone solve it.

Groping in the dark )
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Physiological shock definitely qualifies as an altered state of mind.

Funky, man )
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I'm going to be applying for SSI in pretty short order.

Elucidation )
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Status quo )


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