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It's been a tiring week.

Monday )

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I'm doing pretty well (beyond having a cough because, surprise, my tonsils are swollen again). I've hit a few snags this week -- namely that the pack of yeast I used for the root beer last weekend was dead (the sarsaparilla is doing a little better), and apparently Yahoo!IM has changed its protocols yet again, so that I can't log on this morning. I'll deal with the root beer next week, and try to carve out a little time to look at IM clients (I have my eye on Freehoo for my text-based client, which is the hardest thing to find... no idea whether Gaim will still work this time).

In the meantime, I've collected a few observations on this quarter's classes. )
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The safety people are still working on making the computer labs at school safe for me... but in the meantime, the situation is really getting to me.

The grind, more now than ever )
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Well, I think this quarter won't be too bad.

Fighting the weather )

class impressions )

I have to figure out how to feed myself during the 20-minute break on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but the microwave in the basement of Olson is giving me some good ideas to start with.
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I'm starting to feel like I'm back in school.

summary of today's events )

Not bad so far.
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Done with finals.

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So I'm home, I've had a modest lunch, and I'm thinking about making popcorn. Or cookies. I still have the GRE coming up, but not until Tuesday; otherwise I'm free for a bit. It's still sinking in.

Classes begin January 7th... but that's next year.
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So much for Ento lab... I almost fell down climbing the tame little steps at the front of Briggs. I told the TA I'd miss this one.

Next train is 2:25. Not sure what tonight looks like, but right now I don't want to be driving much. I may revive when I reach home. I can't tell at the moment.

Killing time in the ARC, but I'll go out to the station way early and nap on the benches there to make sure I don't miss it. I'll turn my phone on.


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I slept from 7pm to 6am. I skipped homework, dinner, and plugging in my phone. I feel less exhausted, I can catch up on the homework easily enough, and my phone is going to die sometime today.

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Oct. 8th, 2007 16:19
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Less frantic today; I don't feel nearly so swamped. I spent the weekend catching up on both homework and housework, and I seem to have my head above water, if only just. Now to see whether that feeling holds.

The weekend, today, and tomorrow )

Rain tomorrow? gotta make sure I'm set up for that.
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Hell week is over.

Please let that be the worst of it. )
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Back to juggling cats )
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It was a very busy weekend. I came out of it with insufficient sleep, but I gamely went about gathering myself together this morning, cleared out the trunk, broke down Opportunity and stashed it in the trunk, and helped my dad load junk into the pickup for a dump run. Then I went off to Davis.

First stop was Cowell, where I made an appointment for later in the afternoon. Perfect. Paid for my locker at the ARC (same one, different combo; at least I know where to find it). Confirmed that my checking account got the necessary funds. Cruised to Dutton and found a line out the door for Undergrad Financial Aid -- I guess I'll talk to them on Thursday, as it can wait. Quickly bought books and loaded them into the nylon bags I had brought, which were slippery but nowhere near as fragile as the bookstore's plastic ones. Whether I manage to get away for only $350 is yet to be seen -- it depends on how "Required" the required notebook is for biochem (I left it to buy later). Went to Cowell, had my checkup, got a little bloodwork and discovered that dehydrated turnips are even more impossible to get blood from. I went out and chugged a liter of water, then spent the next half hour running all over campus trying to find an open computer lab (nope). By that time the liter was processed, the nurse managed to finally pin down an errant vein, and I donated the necessary vital fluids. Then it was time for the 3:50 train home. I bought a monthly ticket for October (another $250)... I really hope I can get those additional funds from Financial Aid to help with transportation costs.

This is the riskiest time of year to be bicycling around campus; there are a lot of 1) pedestrians who don't realize that if you walk in the middle of the bike lanes or suddenly step into them without looking, you're liable to get run down, 2) inexperienced bicyclists who don't keep to the right when they're slow or else wander all over the lane, and 3) drivers who aren't used to being around bicyclists. I didn't quite hit any pedestrians, and very carefully gave the cars a wide berth, but it's going to be nutty until the people walking actually learn to look. A bell doesn't register to them, and often a call of "behind you" or "watch out" doesn't either -- [ profile] eastbaygreg's suggestion of an air horn is tempting.

My hands didn't like carrying twenty pounds of books in bags around campus for a couple of hours. That's what I get for going to the bookstore earlier than just before departure.

Spirit is still at the station, showing only a little sunburn on the seat; next week I may cruise by the Bike Church to see whether the new crop of bikes has come in, as I'd like to trade it in. I need to bring up the duplicate textbook I got last quarter, as they're buying books through the 2nd. There are a couple of other little things to do, but I've dealt with almost everything I need before classes start. Yay!
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Water flow: 3/10
Reservoir size: 3/10
Crack severity: 1/10

Content-free, for all those of you on character-counting diets )
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If any plan where you end up with Rice Krispie treats is a good plan, and any plan where you lose your hat is a bad plan, what is it if there's a plan which involves exchanging your hat for Rice Krispie treats?

The rest of my day )

I like this "afternoons and evenings free" thing. I have to go back tomorrow morning, but that's then. Right now I've eaten, and I think I may go to the supermarket to pick up some marshmallows and Rice Krispies. That sounds like a Good Plan.
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I came up to do the market garden this morning. I felt appreciated as one of only three students there today, but it's getting to the point that things are dusty, and I was pulling weeds between tasks. I'm not sure the stains will come off my hands for a while.

I'm actually grateful that my usual Thai restaurant is so forgiving... it wasn't until I was about to be served my lunch that I realized how dusty and grass-stained I was. That was without the dust marks all over my side, which I didn't think to look for.

I was feeling so selfconsciously grubby after lunch that I went to the ARC, rinsed off in the shower, and pulled my emergency clothes out of my locker for the first time. They were originally put there in case I got soaked by rain, but this seemed like a good cause. (Mental note: put a towel in there too. And some soap. And a scrubby-towel and hair-stick...)

Ohhhhh my gods and goddesses, the difference. I should do this more often. I feel much more relaxed and revived, and I even feel presentable for my academic counseling and the final after that. Even if my fingers are still halfway to black from pulling nightshade and lamb's quarters.

I'm tired today, nothing much can help that. But I'm happy.
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Doing better. It's not ideal (I still can't quite manage to eat) but I'm able to cope with being out and around people for the first time in a couple of days, and I'm not horribly queasy anymore. I even read the chapter for today's biochem lecture on the way up. That's a decent number of pluses to start the day on.

The fact that I can still ride across campus fairly easily, despite having had only a few pieces of toast in the last 36 hours, boggles my mind. It's not a good situation, and I wouldn't do it if I didn't have to, but it does tell me that my metabolism is running well. At least something is.

No idea what lunch is going to be. Hopefully I'll have some sort of appetite that can give me cues by then.
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It wasn't nearly as hot today. I spent three and a half hours in the Market Garden, picking all sorts of things for the CSA baskets; by the time I was starting to get lightheaded, it was time to go. I think I might have slightly crispy arms despite my sunscreen, though.

I chatted about plant path with a farmer who was helping us weed the sweet corn; she drives to Davis from close to Redding, to attend the farmer's market. I asked how long a drive that was, and she said 40 minutes. Odd to think that her commute isn't any worse than mine.

On the way home I got cut off by an anhydrous ammonia truck. I'm reminded of [ profile] firestrike's comment about being grateful just to survive the day (though, thankfully, there didn't appear to be a bad valve on the truck, nor is NH3 explosive).

Life is pretty good.
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Progress on a couple more things... nothing settled, yet, but I'm making my way through the maze.

nothing of substance )

Hungry. Ready to go home for the day.
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