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Can't sleep, so I'm hoping downloading some stuff will let my brain spin down for a while.

The latest installment )
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[ profile] amanda_nye!

I've seen many years pass since we met, and each one seems to bring you something good... let's hope the trend continues. :)
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I have no words.
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There is no turning back for me now: I've started buying flour by the case.* Next stop: leasing commercial space for a bakery.

I ran into [ profile] dancingshaman at the grocery store again last night... He's apparently been dubbed fit enough to go back to work again, but he is not optimistic about the chances of getting a job soon. If anyone knows of an office admin spot within easy commute distance of Concord, you might drop him a line.

* True, a case is only 24 pounds, but still.
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Another trip 'round the sun for [ profile] catnip13!
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Happy birthday, [ profile] foogod!
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I found an icon running wild in LJ space that I thought you might like:

...actually, it describes a few of my friends. ;)
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My to-do list is still pretty long, lots of backup from the weekend. I need to email/call some people and see about setting up social time.

Speaking of the weekend: I wanted to say that [ profile] tenacious_snail rocks. Putting aside the fact that she brought us yummy food :) she kicks ass on the mat. Literally. Very fierce, pretty scary from my vantage point, and possessing the loudest shout in the place. No hesitation, full of courage. Yay snail!
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Happy birthday to the one who knows me best.

It's been interesting so far. Best wishes for another solar circumnavigation.
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to [ profile] shadowwalkyr!

Enjoy your early birthday present: a miniature human!
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I had one of those things happen today which is inevitable when you live in the same place for too long.

The guy in front of me at the cash register at Harvest House did a double-take when he saw me, and called me by name. I was so distracted by chatting with him (and his brother) that the cashier had to do most of my transaction. We did a whirlwind reunion and I got their contact info.

Do the names "Shawn and Matt Mesa" ring a bell for you? ;)
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It's been a busy week.

Christmas )

No slack time )

Decemberween )

New Year's Eve )

The end of the year came very quickly for me, and I haven't had much of a chance to collect myself and figure out where I'm at. I'll do some of that today. Happy New Year, all; may it be better than last year.
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Today, I have felt: loved, appreciated, supported, special, attractive, sexy, tickled (in a good way), satiated, connected, relaxed, and respected. I have felt so good I laughed out loud for the sheer joy of it, several times.

Multiple people have been the cause of this, which is even more flattering. They were careful of my feelings, making sure that I was comfortable first, entertained second. I feel like I have been a delight to those who spent time with me, which is a beautiful change in my perception. And I feel deeply cared for by some wonderful people, who believe that I am both lovable and deserving of love.

Not every day is like this. I hope I can remember some of the feelings, though, to hold as a talisman during some of the days when I feel particularly unlikeable.
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I've done stupider things than allowing myself only three and a half hours of sleep before a day when I'll be busy for fifteen hours straight... but I have to admit, not lately.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon shopping for supplies with [ profile] knaveofhearts, which was moderately successful and included an intersection of paths with [ profile] eastbaygreg. Then I grabbed food and [ profile] knaveofhearts and I headed out to a craft night gathering... that was crowded but enjoyable and included far too many people to list LJ tags. I got out around 11:30 and called [ profile] eastbaygreg as I hit Concord again; he was awake, so I overshot home a little to bring him a couple of things I'd picked up for him during the day. Both of us needed to get up in time to be over the hills by 9am (different trips), but that didn't stop us from talking until 4. Sigh.

I got up a little later than planned (that's where the extra half hour of sleep came in) and still made it to the sick plant clinic about 20 minutes late. I had a really good time -- not only did I have energy, I was cheerful, and so was everyone else. I even got to pop over to the tropical house to see the Amorphophallus titanum bud that's just about to open (it's quite an event).

After that I cruised down to Fremont to [ profile] knaveofhearts' seasonal brewing party... We've tossed about half of last party's mead into jars, and I'm waiting for the dishwasher to finish another load of glass so that we can finish off the decanting. After that, we start brewing the new round. I hope I can stay reasonably alert and pleasant for that. :)
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All in all, a wonderful day.

The ocean, and locals playing tourists )
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A tip of the hat for tomorrow to [ profile] supersniffles, since I may not have time to post then.
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There was no airshow this weekend. I didn't take the time to ask the gate guard at Travis when there would be one, if there was one for this year ([ profile] shadowwalkyr, is there a way you could find out?) but the announcements list I saw lied. I was obviously not the first one to ask, by the guard's reaction.

So we came home, with [ profile] firestrike in tow. We ate a little lunch, then went to check out the B-17, B-24, and B-25 currently on display at Buchanan Field, just across town from me. We couldn't afford the $425 necessary to take a ride, but they let us board two of the three and poke around the outside of all of them, and we geeked a little bit with the moderately large crowd. They were working on one of the engines for the B-25 while we were there, and fired it up to (we think) do things like adjust the fuel/oil mixture. Pretty cool.

The big drawback was unexpected toxicity -- [ profile] firestrike tipped me off to the spray bottles of 409 here and there, which meant that I didn't feel daring enough to climb into the B-24 (I had already done the B-17, but that seemed okay). What I didn't expect was for the crew to be going over the wing panels of the B-25 with pump sprayers full of Formula 409. I managed to stay in clear air for the most part, and watched the wind direction... I don't have any serious symptoms, despite having my alarm bells go off a few times when the wind shifted.

We're back home for the day now; [ profile] firestrike has dropped off for an impromptu nap, and I'm debating going to join him.
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The con went, as cons go. Baycon hasn't been vivacious for ages, and this year was no exception; I tend to go because it gathers a bunch of people I like to see in one place at the same time. I surfed, mostly, and wasn't particularly disappointed, but that's because I didn't have much in the way of expectations. More about The Hotel That Escher Built... )

At any rate, I'm home now, and I'll use tomorrow as a breather before school on Tuesday.
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I'm looking for a copy of the movie version of "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead". IMDB tells me that it was indeed released on DVD, but my local "odd" video store said that all they had was a broken VHS copy. Not sure I want to drop money on it sight unseen (though I may suggest that the store order one to keep on the shelf).

Anyone have a copy I could borrow?


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