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Well, my lungs are shot. So is my right knee. And I know my feet won't speak to me in the morning until I've given them a hot soak and an apology.

It was totally worth it. )


Dec. 18th, 2010 18:57
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Well, I was going to go to Gaskells tonight, but between the rain (coming down in absolute buckets, as the man said), the parking situation (difficult even in fair weather), and the fact that the weather appears to have caused my CFS and inflammation to flare.... well, much as I want to go, it looks like I'm stuck here for the evening.

I was dearly looking forward to wearing [ profile] semy_of_pearls's German dress, which is a quite striking display of 19th century German fashion, and I'd still love to dress up in it for something -- it's impossibly heavy to wear during summer, so this is my chance. I know about the PEERS Victorian ball on January 1st, but that may conflict too much with the family celebrations that evening; Dickens ends tomorrow; the next Gaskells isn't until Valentine's Day-ish, which I always avoid because of the prom crowds. Is there anywhere else in the Bay Area this winter I could wear this gown and maybe get a bit of dancing in?

Disappointing, to be sure. One more reason to be frustrated about this weather.
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Well, yesterday did not go at all according to plan, though it did all turn out in the end. )

As a postscript, my apologies to [ profile] our_meg for handing you off to another carpool at short notice... and also apologies to [ profile] eyeofcanaan for causing more stress over the car/license than you needed before a long plane trip. I trust it all worked out for everyone else.
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The dance was so much in itself that I figured it would get its own entry. )
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One more hour and I will be going to bed at the same time I did last night. I'm glad I don't have to get up four hours later again.

Friday Night Waltz was a lot more fun than I expected; it was good last time I went, but this time I think I learned the secret to having as much fun and dancing as I want:

Wear a pretty dress.

I got more dance requests than I wanted, and actually had to turn down a few (ones that weren't just, "I don't know how to dance this one"). People were looking at me appreciatively. I got a few compliments on my looks, which for the most part justified the soft corset [ profile] eyeofcanaan had lent me that was gently digging its boning into my hipbone. Good dancers were actually seeking me out rather than looking a bit evasive.

What really floored me tonight was being complimented on my dancing, sincerely so. Twice. And here I was worried that after a month I wouldn't remember how to dance.

I got a few partners who knew just as little as I did, and we fumbled a bit and worked things out. As I mentioned to at least one of them, if no one falls down, things are good. Best case scenario is having fun -- not having perfect form, but just having fun trying. I think that in all the dances my partners and I had, we enjoyed ourselves. I declare the evening a success.

Afterward we went to Au Coquelet and munched a little... [ profile] eyeofcanaan and her friend Dave, whom she had brought along for the first time, and [ profile] phantomdancer, and me. We sat and talked for a bit over food, while [ profile] phantomdancer dimpled over the drool running down my chin every time a particular piece of extreme eye candy (who dances well to boot) walked by, and [ profile] eyeofcanaan teased me mercilessly about it. (Tease.)

After I drove them to [ profile] eyeofcanaan's apartment (I was driving since the corset I had winched her into at the beginning of the evening made driving impossible), she then proceeded to give me another dress. This one is unexpected: it looks very good on me despite being a style which I thought looked good only on slender women. Impressive. I will have to find a good place to show it off. Thanks, love.

So here I am in the middle of hour 19, being thankful that for once I get to sleep in in the morning. What I am more thankful for: that this is the second sleep-deprivation day this week, with mental and physical exertion to boot, and I'm holding together very well without having to prop myself up with supplements. I'm tired, sure, and I need to rest before I can pull anything like this again -- but I'm functional, relatively pain-free, and I don't feel like I'm running on fumes. I feel like I've finally arrived. :)

All in all, a good day. And done. Sleep now.
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Well, I went, and I am not sorry I went. I got to dance with a few entertaining people and learned a new dance, along with gathering large numbers of compliments about my dress (which [ profile] our_meg made). She was amused, as her own dress -- to my mind far more impressive -- prompted only a couple of compliments. Ah, well...

So I have now been, and will definitely go again, when hopefully there will not be quite the skewed ratio there was tonight... I got to dance far less often than I would have liked, as men were scarce. That did result in the enjoyable event of a "bust-to-bust waltz" when [ profile] our_meg, faced with the realization that no one was going to ask either of us to the floor for the final waltz, led me out herself. One of the better dances I had tonight.

Not a bad evening... though I did so want to do the Congress of Vienna. My mood was not quite the same after failing to find a partner and having to watch from the sidelines instead; it would have been my first opportunity to dance it since being taught to waltz. I surprised myself a little by almost tearing up when I admitted to [ profile] our_meg that I hadn't had the chance to find a partner... I guess I was looking forward to it more than I had realized.


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