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I'm going through a rough patch. I know that, but that doesn't make it any less rough.

My metabolism decided, exactly a month ago, that I'm carrying too much weight, and it was time to correct that. So it turned off my appetite. Since my appetite is usually a good indicator of my calorie needs (when I pay heed to it), I followed along and started eating pretty rarely -- one meal and one snack per day, on average. If my body needs more food, it will say so, and occasionally it does. I've felt fine, for the most part, and what I have been eating is reasonably nutrient-rich; I try to follow whatever cravings I have, as that generally reveals any specific deficiencies.

So that's how it's been for four weeks, and I'm pretty functional, with the exception of occasional bouts of fatigue or slight lightheadedness. I eat when those come on, though sometimes it can be hard to find anything appealing. For the first couple of weeks the nausea was constant, killing any desire to eat at all; thankfully I seem to have gotten past that. I suspect it was contaminants in my most recently stored fat, and I'm into the older stuff now... I've lost four kilos already. It's about twice as fast as what people consider "ideal" weight loss, but not so fast as to be alarming, and I'm not especially concerned since my body is setting the pace.

We're in a heat wave right now as well, which is causing physiological stress, and I'm not sleeping well because it's too hot. So I'm more tired more often, and my stamina is unreliable. If it chooses to take me all the way down to my fit weight, I can expect three more months of low-calorie living... it's been wonderful for my grocery bill, but my inflammation is up and I have to make sure not to overexert myself.

I trust my body to do the right thing, but it makes logistics a little difficult from time to time. Right now I know I need to go bike riding tomorrow morning, and I want to stock up on some calories so that I sleep better and I have more reserves to call on... but everything even remotely appealing is very light on calories. Popcorn, for example. Watermelon. Rice cakes. Jello. sigh.

I've eaten so little today that I can't tell whether I'm simply tired, or brain-fogged from low blood sugar. I've been more emotional than usual this evening as well, getting irritated by minor things. So I'd like to eat and see whether that improves things, but every time I come up with a possible food item, it ranges from meh to disgusting. I simply don't want food, no matter how much I need it.

Trust my system to make even natural weight loss difficult. :/


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