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I went to bed at 02:00 and woke up to my alarm at 08:30; I slept heavily, and I felt reasonably refreshed. My feet were painful when I got up, my left in particular -- it was binding and sore. It crunched a few times and became bearable, though it still hurts when I flex it, and the right is somewhat tight as well.

My overall pain level is moderately low: it's immediately evident when I think about it, but it doesn't intrude on my awareness by itself. I seem to have good energy, at least, and I was able to shower, get dressed, and make myself a good breakfast without feeling worn out. My mood is back up to its usual level as well.

I have to drive out to the Martinez hospital to get my shot this morning, then I'm hoping to walk (or drive, depending on the route) for an hour or so to finish off the Ingress project I've been working on. To that end, I should fix my feet before I go.

I drove 15 minutes to the hospital, parked right in front (as I hadn't fixed my feet yet, and they didn't feel like walking in from across the parking lot would be a good idea), and got my shot. Afterward I sat outside and did fix my feet before heading off.

I drove around town a little, ending up at one of the small parks on the edge of the marsh. The Ingress route there followed pedestrian trails, so I walked at about 3mph for 45 minutes to deal with that. I got back into the car, drove for 20 or so, and got out again to walk for 15 minutes -- my feet had rested long enough to start binding up again, and the left in particular was sore in the ball of the big toe and just forward of the heel. After I finished that I went home.

Halfway home I realized I was really quite tired, so when I arrived I got a can of fruit and sat down to rest. It's been nearly an hour now, and my energy isn't returning... I may need to go take a nap, or at least lie down for a while. I'm increasingly sleepy.

I slept from 14:30 to 18:00, and was woken up by a phone call. I decided to get up, even though I'm still sleepy and foggy.

I just took the garbage and recycling out to the curb, but I think I'll rest for a while; it's left me exhausted enough that it's difficult to write. I may watch a little TV on the computer.

I stayed in tonight, watched TV while I had dinner, did some cut-and-paste and data crunching for Ingress, and finally dipped into the javascript code I've been working on. I got the basic functions to work, which is an improvement... I didn't hyperfocus quite so badly this time, as I tried to limit myself to just one small part. I'm afraid I'm still a bit thirsty and I could probably use a snack before bed, but it's not too late to correct that.

I was mostly able to track what I was doing -- I'm getting more familiar with the language, but I still have to read over things repeatedly and look for examples, which is harder when I lose my train of thought frequently. I wasn't as sharp as I sometimes am, and I still feel tired. I feel like trying to code in that state of mind is more draining, too.

I haven't tried to get up and walk for almost two hours, and I dread what my feet will say. I should head to bed, though.


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