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I woke up at 08:00, went to the bathroom, and dozed in bed for another hour. When I got up, my feet were extremely painful, though they eased up a little after a few minutes. They're still unable to flex well. My knee is swollen but otherwise fine. My pain level is noticeable but not debilitating. Energy-wise, I felt okay for puttering around the house, but that I shouldn't plan on going out.

I skipped a shower, got dressed, and came down. I spent some time on the computer, and after an hour I got myself a banana and a bowl of cereal. It took a while to finish it, and I find I have no interest in more. I'm kind of cold, which says I probably do need more food, but I'm far more tired than hungry. I think I'll go back to bed.

I slept from 11:15 to 14:30, and finally got up because I was too hungry to sleep. I've been slowly collecting food and eating it; I'm too foggy to figure out anything advanced, so it's been steamed potatoes and cold hotdogs for the most part. My peripheral vision is mostly gone. I've woken up enough to chat with people, at least. I don't think I'll be awake for too long, though I should make sure I don't sleep through dinner again -- I need food almost as much as I need sleep.

Tomorrow is a total unknown. I was supposed to call a client today to let her know if I could look at her citrus tomorrow, and I honestly don't know whether I'll be on my feet by then. This crash may continue through the weekend, or I might be fine tomorrow morning. It gets really hard to schedule anything in advance.

I'll do my best to rest up, and I'll drop her a line asking whether we can do early next week. That seems like the safest bet, weather permitting.

I stayed up, doing some cut-and-paste and data crunching, and discovered at 18:30 that I had forgotten a friend was coming over for dinner. So we had dinner and watched TV. When I got up for seconds I caught myself whimpering, so I had a Tylenol to see if that would help. I couldn't feel anything specific, but my body was reacting like I was in pain, so I wanted to take the strain off my system.

I've been cold all afternoon, and my legs from the knee down are like blocks of wood. Cold wood. My right eye has gone blurry -- it's not the contact lens, it doesn't change when I adjust it. I'm foggy and tired, barely able to make simple decisions, like what TV show to watch or whether I should have seconds. I feel entirely like I have a cold or the flu, except that I have zero symptoms of a virus, just the run-down achiness and I can't get warm. I had as much food as I did on principle, because I knew I probably needed it, but my appetite is gone.

I think the painkillers did help, because I have a tiny bit more energy; standing up is just a little easier, and I can think well enough to write (though I read what I've written and I can tell just by the phrasing that I'm compromised). I'm running out of steam, and getting sleepy again... it may be time for bed.


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