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11:30I got woken up at 10:20 by a massive charlie horse. I do not recommend the experience.

I spent ten minutes nursing it, and once I could actually stand, I took three caps of cal-mag in the hope of preventing a recurrence. After that, I got up, because I was thoroughly awake. I got dressed and came downstairs, and spent a little time crunching data from yesterday.

My energy is surprisingly good today -- I'm not up for vigorous activity, but I'm not having trouble getting around the house, and my mind is clear. My right knee is a little swollen but otherwise behaving. My left hip aches slightly still. My lower back is tender to the touch, but I didn't have any trouble putting my socks on this morning, so it seems to flex all right.

My overall pain level is kind of high, though. I don't notice much except that I'm not at all interested in food, and I should be hungry after going short yesterday. I also find that I'm disinclined to get up and do things, even though my energy is good; since standing or walking tends to increase my pain level, it acts as a subconscious deterrent. I suspect I'll be very tired later if I can't get the pain to recede.

Psychologically I'm doing well -- we performed well at the game event yesterday, and I got to see some friends. I'm feeling settled enough to do things like finances and other dull but necessary tasks today.

So I did finally get around to making myself some breakfast, but even so, I found my energy flagging around 13:30. I spent most of the time on the computer, trying to decipher javascript; at least my brain is working pretty well, though my eyes don't stay clear and I have to blink and squint at the screen sometimes.

Around 14:30 I decided to do financial stuff, and spent two hours entering receipts. It's tedious but doesn't take a lot of brainpower, and I'm glad to have gotten it done. Now I'm going to go out and treat myself to a little Ingress before meeting up with an old friend of mine for her birthday.

I walked three circuits of Todos Santos plaza, which took 45 minutes or so at a slow pace. It seems that my joints are rather better today; my knee is swollen but otherwise not causing trouble, and the pain in my hip is just about gone. I was able to walk normally, without a cane, and felt only a bit of pain in the metatarsals of my left foot -- my nice boots don't have aggressive arch supports, and while I think it's doing good things for my feet to flex more in the arches, the posterior side of the ball seems to get a little bruised sometimes.

I was feeling reasonably good when I finished up, and drove to the restaurant a few minutes away. I sat and talked for an hour, and the only negative aspect I had was that despite the food being quite good (and there was stuff there I could have ordered), I had no interest at all in it. I should have, given how little I'd eaten in the last 36 hours. I was able to converse pretty well, though, and I drove back home to dinner easily enough.

I had dinner and TV, and now I'm thinking about going back out. The party is still going on.

I got to the restaurant and sat on a backless barstool for two and a half hours. My lower back started to feel strained near the end, and when I stood up my legs and feet were stiff, and I was tired. I could suddenly feel the amount of pain I was in, too, like I had put on a loaded backpack.

I wasn't really fatigued yet, though, so I decided to do another couple of circuits of Todos Santos to limber up my joints. That particular aspect of the game (farming up more items) is something I find very calming, at least when I have the concentration needed to do it, so I thought it might be a good way to wind down. Someone once told me that it's a kind of meditation for them, and I can see how it would be.

It started raining before I finished one round, and after another round (I had my trenchcoat on, so at least I was warm and dry) I called it quits. My legs and feet were working well, and I felt pleasantly exercised and calm enough for bed. I still need to do a little tidying up of inventory, then I can go up.

Yesterday was not one of the good days -- my right knee and left hip were both playing up, I was barely able to walk even with a cane, I was in enough pain that I had to go home for painkillers in the middle of the action, and while I did force myself to take breaks to eat and drink I still felt the strain of driving and walking for seven hours. I was exhausted and blurry when I finally managed to wind down at 1am, and I expected to be low-energy and sore today, but this was a pleasant surprise. It's all too often the other way around, so I'll take it.


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