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I woke up at 12:15, after a little over 11 hours of sleep. I'm feeling a bit stronger today, a little more present and alert. I have the sense of convalescence which says I should still go easy on physical activity, but if I rest, I should be able to improve.

My feet are sore and stuck, and I should fix them. I still don't know whether they do better when I stay off them entirely, or when I do regular walking; I haven't found a pattern yet. My lower back is very tender and puffy, and may have some relationship to how hard it is to walk right now. I can walk short distances, which is an improvement, but it's still tiring to do more than across the house and back.

I didn't take a shower today, but I was able to descend the stairs without a cane, and my knee feels more stable. It's still swollen, but less so. I got myself some breakfast (cold cereal and cold chicken). My left eye is blurry but my right is clear, and my attention span is reasonable. This seems like a day to take care of finances and garden planning.

I've spent most of the day in front of the computer, making phone calls and working on various projects. I'm feeling more lively: my energy has improved, and so has my focus. I'm able to think about abstract projects like garden planning, rather than just what's in front of me or immediate needs. My pain level is present but bearable. My knee is definitely improved.

I want to be productive, but I'm still wary of physical exertion, so I'll keep working on conceptual things rather than physical projects. I had a fairly solid dinner but I'm still a bit hungry, and I should make sure to make a pot of tea to ensure I'm hydrated. I suspect I'll be better tomorrow if I keep up with the self-care.


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