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11:00I went to bed at midnight, and woke up at 09:00. I stayed in bed until 10:00 because I was so exhausted, but I finally got up, put my contacts in, and got dressed. I had to put some liniment on my right knee, which is swollen, stiff, and unstable.

I'm exhausted and weak today. My pain level isn't more than mild, at least. I'm having trouble focusing and concentrating, and my peripheral vision is darkened even when sitting down. Writing this is somewhat difficult, as it's hard to keep my train of thought. My quads are tight and quivering, as though from overuse. My feet are tight and sore, but I can walk on them. The effort it takes to stabilize my legs while standing means I'll use a cane today. My lower back is very sore and puffy, though it seems willing to bend in most directions.

I made sure to eat a solid breakfast, though it didn't help my energy levels much. I have to conduct a diagnostic workshop from noon to 2pm, which mostly means facilitating while seated -- I hope I have enough energy to get through that. I also have therapy at 4. That may be all I can manage today.

18:00I drove to the workshop, and made the mistake of taking the stairs rather than the elevator to the second floor -- even with my cane, it took a lot of effort to climb them. I gathered the equipment together and set it up in the conference room; I was able to manage the walking back and forth, but twice I forgot something obvious (like starting to head out with just the power supply for the microscope, but not the scope itself).

I started the workshop, then spent the time mostly directing things. I operated the scope, computer, and projector while we worked out diagnostic puzzles. I could feel that it was difficult to think, but I managed to stay on my mental feet well enough that no one acted like I was being slow.

It broke up early, after 90 minutes, and I disassembled the equipment and took it back where it belonged. By the time I took the stairs down (the elevator had been turned off for the rest of the day) I was quite tired and shaky. Walking felt odd and strained, like my hips weren't angled right.

I drove about for a little bit, and got out to walk for about ten minutes to keep my knee limber. Then I drove to Pittsburg for my appointment. It took a half-hour, and by twenty minutes in I was tired and getting a headache... I rarely get worn out from driving, but I wanted to stop and rest.

I was foggy during the first half of the appointment -- I again had to climb a flight of stairs, as there was no elevator -- but after a half-hour of sitting comfortably I revived a bit. I took the stairs down one step at a time to ensure my knee wouldn't fold. After that I drove straight home.

I'm kind of hungry, so I'll have something to eat, but that may be all I have energy for. At least my pain level is relatively low today... I don't think I could cope with that on top of the exhaustion.

I worked on a plan on the computer, and because I wasn't hungry I got dinner late (20:30). I'm picking at it; I didn't eat that much when I came home at 6, and it's not like me not to have any appetite for dinner. I think my pain level is finally coming back up.

Mentally I want to be out and doing things -- I'm bored. Physically I'm a little shaky. I'm torn as to whether I want to go out and drive (not walk) for a bit... I'm not sleepy enough to go to bed yet, and I don't have the concentration and focus necessary to do something like work on finances. I don't want to wear myself out, though.

I just drove around for an hour; I got out twice, for less than five minutes each time, and spent the rest of the time siting in the car. It was restful and relaxing, and now I'm going to go to bed.

My legs still feel strained, but my knee feels a little less unstable. We'll see how it is tomorrow.
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