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I was woken up around 10:15 by the cat, then went back to sleep until 12:00. I slept very heavily for the first time in a while, and woke rested. I feel rather better today, and while the pain is still present, my energy is good. More than that, I can feel some of the power and stamina I've been lacking for a while -- I'm calmer, more stable, more focused. The restlessness has turned into a desire to be productive. I'm going to chalk that up to finally getting my food intake, exercise, and stress reduction all in phase.

I got up and got dressed, then came down to have some breakfast. My feet are about as painful as usual, and my back is a little stiff but not sore. I'll probably take care of a few things around the house today, as it's still quite wet outside.

I've spent most of the afternoon on the computer, getting up occasionally to fetch things. My feet are behaving, so the pain recedes within a few steps. I have good focus and attention, which is a nice change. I'm going to go over to the Willows to play some Ingress before dinner. The more light exercise I can get while I'm feeling good, the better I'll be able to cope with the next crash.

I decided to walk the Willows, especially since it was quite busy there. It took me about an hour of walking at a slow to moderate pace, alternating with standing for a couple of minutes at a time. I could feel my right knee stiffening up, but otherwise I felt good: my feet weren't sore, my pain level was reasonably low, and I still had energy. I came home to have dinner and watch TV. The television was complex, but I was able to concentrate on it and follow it reasonably easily. I was still hungry after dinner, but I had no appetite for anything I could think of.

I'm finishing some things on the computer, then I'll go off and finish at the Willows for the day.

I spent an hour and 15 minutes fielding, which meant driving to a couple of locations before I decided to walk the whole thing. I stood for short intervals, but the rest of the time I walked at a good clip around the complex, which is about 1000' long and 250' wide.

I got back into the car and visited a couple more spots, then I felt I was too tired to continue and came home. I was definitely hungry by that point, and had essentially another full meal while watching TV. I'm about ready to go to bed now, but I still feel able to concentrate, and I have enough energy to not worry about climbing the stairs. It feels good to be somewhat functional again.
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