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I got up at 9 and had a shower, then got dressed. My pain level is pretty high today, but I felt rested, so I went out to fix the shelter in the front yard. I had to swap out the clear plastic for a heavy tarp, but it was stimulating having to work in 30mph winds and rain (I'm very glad I have experience). There was a bit of reaching involved, and some stooping and kneeling, but mostly walking around and tugging it into place.

That took about a half-hour, then I came in and cooked breakfast. It took a while, and I've been taking it easy... I'm feeling pretty tired now, and I'm thinking I might have to work in a nap around the errands I have to run.

When I got up my feet were so sore I would have used the cane to get around my room, except they were equally bad so it wouldn't have helped much. They eased enough that I could stand for 10 minutes in the shower, and by now they are back to their usual grumpy aches. My lower back is the same as it was yesterday, but my shoulder is worse. My left eye is blurry today, so my vision isn't as clear as it has been.

All in all a down day. I should get a little more to eat and figure out when to run to the store.

I went upstairs to wash the playa dust out of my hair (one hazard of using a Burning Man tarp) amd realized I was really, really tired. I climbed into bed a little past 12:00 and slept until 14:00, woke up to check messages, then went back to sleep until 15:30. It took me a long time to warm up even under heavy blankets, and I was hungry, but too tired to get up to eat.

I'm less tired now, but sluggish and foggy. Also a little dizzy, as I keep bumping into things. I'm about to have some leftovers, and we'll see how much that improves things.

Food didn't help all that much. Pain is noticeable but not debilitating, my tinnitus is more noticeable as well, and my feet aren't especially painful for a change. I'm still quite tired.

I'm due to drive to Oakland for dinner, and I'll hit the grocery store on the way. Someone in Castro Valley asked me to stop off for in-game business, so I'll spend a little time there too.

I'm really glad I don't have to be anywhere tomorrow. This was far later than I had meant to be up.

I went down to my friends' house, got there a little early, and dozed for 15 minutes. In the car it was warm and I had eaten something, and I was so tempted to take a nap except I was driving. So I curled up in a pouf in the living room and rested.

When they got home I was still tired, but we talked while dinner cooked, and then watched TV while we ate. Afterwards I had some bodywork done; my friend managed to work out the kink I had in my lower back, and I discovered that not only was it all stiff, it was painful to the touch from my tailbone all the way across my hips and almost to my shoulderblades. So he sorted out a lot of that.

That took my inflammation way down, and I left with less pain, more energy, and in a much better mood. I hit Castro Valley with a desire to walk, so after working my way across the hills in the car for 45 minutes, I spent almost an hour walking around downtown -- pretty slowly, with a bit of standing. When I finished up I met with a teammate, who coaxed me into helping him throw a field. It was 12:45, but it should go pretty quickly...

It took an hour, mostly driving but with a couple of spots where I had to get out and walk across the street. We got it done before checkpoint, though, so we were both happy with the results. I drove home, tired but not exhausted. Once during the fielding and once during the trip home, however, I had a wash of burning pain like getting dunked in ice water -- it didn't persist, and my pain level is still less than it was, but those were warning signs that I've depleted my reserves to a point where I really need to take some time to recover. That means that as much as I want to go out walking (it's good for my back, especially just after getting it fixed) I should limit the amount of physical activity I do, make sure I get regular meals and as much sleep as I can, hydrate and take whatever supplements I can think of, and see whether I can keep my inflammation down by hook or by crook. I would rather limit myself voluntarily rather than crash.

Off to bed. I'm crossing my fingers that the weather doesn't cancel out whatever recovery I can manage.


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